[paludis-user] python_targets_python3_3 masked for some packages, not for others

Martin Sekera sekerama at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 08:12:31 UTC 2013


I'm trying to install =dev-python/pycrypto-2.6-r2 for python3.3, but for
some reason the relevant USE flag is (-masked). I haven't found it masked
anywhere in the profile (default/linux/amd64/13.0). Where else could it be?
It can't be global since I have many 3.3 packages built and in use, e.g.

Both ebuilds explicitly declare PYTHON_COMPAT=( python{2_6,2_7,3_2,3_3} ),
yet paludis says it can't be built against 3.3.

I have the following in use.conf:

*/* PYTHON_TARGETS: -* python2_7 python3_2 python3_3


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