[paludis-user] dev-util/subversion category move

Robert T Childers trent-ch at cox.net
Thu Jul 1 22:51:12 UTC 2010

On Monday 28 June 2010 09:39:03 Ciaran McCreesh wrote:

> You're allowed to edit world by hand. There's also 'cave update-world'
> if you're using one of the builds with cave enabled.
> Incidentally, Paludis 0.48.0 will update your world for you, but only
> if you were using it at the time the move happened.

Is cave only on the versions running in Exherbo. I use Paludis in Gentoo, and 
I don't see any indications that its possible to build it in gentoo with cave. 
I don't see any cave use flag.

Robert T Childers.

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