[paludis-user] Rebuild modules after compiling a new kernel

Damian damian.only at gmail.com
Mon May 11 17:13:45 UTC 2009

>> http://blog.piotrj.org/2007/04/moduledb-in-paludis-2.html
> Thanks Ciaran and Johannes. I found this blog also, but since it is
> from 2007 I was afraid the information was outdated.
Ok, I will write down the list of steps I performed, following [0],
just in case somebody else needs it:

I created the corresponding directories:
 ~ # mkdir /etc/paludis/hooks
 ~ # mkdir /etc/paludis/hooks/paludis_postinst_post
 ~ # mkdir /etc/paludis/hooks/paludis_postrm_post

I copied the two scripts from Piotr's blog:
 ~ # cp modules_set_add.bash /etc/paludis/hooks/paludis_postinst_post/
 ~ # cp modules_set_rm.bash /etc/paludis/hooks/paludis_postrm_post/

Then I ran
~# sed -e 's/.*:/* =/' /var/lib/module-rebuild/moduledb >

And finally:
~# paludis --dl-reinstall-targets always -i modules -p

Everything worked like charm.

Thank you all for your help,

    [0] http://blog.piotrj.org/2009/02/moduledb-in-paludis.html

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