[paludis-user] Error reading file: 'Error reading from fd 3: Is a directory'

Sven Jonsson sven.jonsson at ebox.tninet.se
Fri May 1 06:17:16 UTC 2009

Since yesterday, whenever I attempt 
"paludis -pi everything --continue-on-failure if-satisfied",
I get the following:

># paludis -pi everything --continue-on-failure if-satisfied Building target
> list... Building dependency list...
>Unhandled exception:
>  * In program paludis (--log-level warning --dl-reinstall if-use-changed
> --dl-reinstall-scm weekly --resume-command-template /tmp/paludis-resume)
> -pi everything --continue-on-failure if-satisfied: * When performing
> install action from command line:
>  * When executing install task:
>  * When building dependency list:
>  * When adding NamedSetDepSpec 'everything':
>  * When adding PackageDepSpec 'app-accessibility/epos':
>  * When generating metadata for ID
> 'app-accessibility/epos-2.5.37-r1::funtoo': * When querying repository mask
> for 'app-accessibility/epos-2.5.37-r1:0::funtoo': * When adding profile
> configuration file '/usr/repositories/funtoo/profiles/package.mask': * In
> file '/usr/repositories/funtoo/profiles/package.mask': Error reading file:
> 'Error reading from fd 3: Is a directory' (paludis::SafeIFStreamError)
> (paludis::ConfigFileError)

When checking, "ls /usr/repositories/funtoo/profiles/package.mask", I get
># ls /usr/repositories/funtoo/profiles/package.mask
>funtoo  gentoo  sunrise

So the error text is true, it is a directory. But I thought that was allowed. 
So my question is: Is this a known issue with an easy-to-implement fix, or is 
this a bug that I should report with "paludis --info" and stuff?

Just some more info:

>#paludis --version
>paludis 0.36.1

># paludis --list-repositories
>* layman
>* installed-virtuals
>* virtuals
>* funtoo
>* installed
>* Local
>* arcon
>* proaudio
>* sabayon

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