[paludis-user] Who wants contrarius?

Tom Cooksey tomcooksey at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 14 07:20:54 UTC 2008

On 10/13/08, Dave Bender <codehero at gmail.com> wrote:
> A tool for building cross compilers is actually quite useful (I currently
> use crossdev).

IMO, it's not _that_ useful. The problem is that a lot of the
development boards I've come accross ship their own "customized"
uclibc on the rootfs. If you link your application against a different
libc (the one contrarius built for you), it generally seg-faults when
you come to run it on the device. Devices with GNU-EABI based glibc
seem to be much better, but I've still seen some issues.

The only use I can see in rolling your own toolchain is if you want to
generate your own rootfs with the toolchain's libc. As someone
commented before, most of the ebuilds in portage don't cross-compile
properly, so doing a complete rootfs is pretty painful. OpenEmbedded
is a much better option for doing that. Personally I _hate_
OpenEmbedded, but I have to admit, it does get the job done.

There's also the probem of maintaining the gcc patch set to make it
actually build as a cross-compiler. It's hard work and IMO not worth
it. Almost everyone I know now uses the CodeSourcery toolchains,
certainly for arm and I use it for other architectures too. Perhaps it
would be better to add packages for the CodeSourcery cross-toolchains
rather than try to maintain our own toolchain-generator? Or perhaps
add packages for crosstool? I.e. let someone else have the headache.

> The other possible intended audience are developers who may want to cross
> compile on an x86_64 host for 32 bit based hosts. As Ciaran pointed out,
> this is largely a useless effort, since people use 32bit chroots for this
> anyway.

Why chroot exactly? I "cross-compile" for 32-bit all the time as my
code depends on some binary-only 32-bit (OpenGL ES) libraries. I find
passing -m32 to gcc works every time (as long as you have
app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-* installed) :-)



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