[paludis-user] Who wants contrarius?

Dirk Heinrichs dirk.heinrichs.ext at nsn.com
Tue Oct 14 05:56:41 UTC 2008

Am Montag 13 Oktober 2008 18:28:53 schrieb ext Ciaran McCreesh:

> If we can't get someone to pick contrarius up, I'm seriously considering
> dropping it in 0.32.

Wouldn't it anyway be better to make the packaging system cross-compile safe 
and add the logic for creating the crosscompiler into the toolchain 
ebuilds/eclass (or exheres)? Would make it easier IMHO to adapt to special 
requirements for different cross-compilers.

In the end, the user would install sys-devel/i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc or sys-
devel/sparc-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc instead of just sys-devel/gcc and - 
depending on host architecture - should get a native or a cross-compiler.

Each of them could also support its own set of USE flags (or options).


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