[paludis-user] Who wants contrarius?

thewtex matthew.m.mccormick at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 20:39:54 UTC 2008

I would like to help, but I don't have the time or cross-compiling know-how to 
do so.

On Monday 13 October 2008 11:28:53 am Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
> contrarius depends rather heavily upon some nastily hacked Gentoo
> ebuilds that aren't well tested, that are very configuration sensitive
> and that get broken on a regular basis. Even when it does work it's
> largely pointless because ebuilds don't support cross compiling.

My experience with contrarius was for setting up a cross-compiler for distcc.

> If we can't get someone to pick contrarius up, I'm seriously considering
> dropping it in 0.32.

The portage way for setting up cross-compilers is sys-dev/crossdev, which is a 
big bash script hard-coded for use with portage.  If contrarius is dropped, 
do you anticipate any problems if crossdev is used alongside paludis?  The 
only problem I would expect may be maintaining paludis config files and 
neglecting some of the portage configs that would be relevent.

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