[paludis-user] Avoiding useless compilations of big packages

Jonathan Schaeffer joschaeffer at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 20:01:52 UTC 2007


I'm under gentoo for a while and gave recently a try to paludis. Seems
a great package manager to me, thanks to all the people working on it.

Here come the trouble part :)

I'm really tired of recompiling big packages just for an increment of
the -rX package number. kdelibs, qt are taking ages to compile.
Is there a convenient way to avoid the minor upgrades of arbitrarily
selected packages ? I don't care having kdelibs-3.5.7-r2 or 3.5.7-r3
or even 3.5.7-r2 3.5.7-r5. Same thing for qt.
I'd love my package manager to ignore those upgrades if possible
(meaning no hard dependency).

Thanks for the help,


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