[paludis-user] Feq questions and suggestions

Michal Majchrowicz m.majchrowicz at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 08:52:54 UTC 2007

I started using paludis yesterday and noticed few things:
1) There is a big warning (about 10 lines) when trying to install anything.
It is caused by php-5.2.4_pre.... it says that it exceeds 8 digit limit :)
2) When doing paludis -pi ekg I get the following:
net-im/ekg-1.7 {:0} [U 1.6_rc3] gif% jpeg% ncurses python readline
-spell ssl threads zlib
Andy my question is: what is "{:0}"?
3) Color schema. I understand that paludis is in beta (or maybe alpah)
stage but did you consider adding option of using portage color
schema/look? It would be nice to have such option :)
Regards Michal.

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