[paludis-dev] [Paludis] #1335: unhandled exception in cave fix-linkage (gcc 5.3.0)

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Wed Oct 11 12:08:07 UTC 2017

#1335: unhandled exception in cave fix-linkage (gcc 5.3.0)
    Reporter:  sss123next    |      Owner:
        Type:  defect        |     Status:  closed
    Priority:  MinorRelease  |  Milestone:  cave Basic Functionality
   Component:  clients/cave  |    Version:  scm
  Resolution:  upstream      |   Keywords:
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Distribution:  Gentoo        |

Comment (by siebz0r):

 Simply waiting for GCC 7 took way too long for me. It took me quite a
 while to figure this one out (so I hope I'll save someone some time by
 posting this).
 I managed to work around this by recompiling paludis by setting this in my
 paludis bashrc:

 if [[ "${CATEGORY}/${PN}" == "sys-apps/paludis" ]]; then

 I got the idea from here: https://davmac.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/clever-

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