[paludis-dev] [Paludis] #1342: dev-java/jtidy - build failed (Gentoo)

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Fri Mar 4 23:29:23 UTC 2016

#1342: dev-java/jtidy - build failed (Gentoo)
    Reporter:  kapsh   |       Type:  defect
      Status:  new     |   Priority:  Sometime
   Milestone:          |  Component:  clients/cave
     Version:  2.4.0   |   Keywords:
  Blocked By:          |   Blocking:
Distribution:  Gentoo  |
 Paludis cannot build dev-java/jtidy-1.0 from Gentoo tree
 (https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/tree/dev-java/jtidy) with the
 error message:
     [javac] /var/tmp/paludis/dev-java-
 jtidy-1.0/work/src/main/java/org/w3c/tidy/Lexer.java:1281: error:
 unmappable character for encoding ASCII
     [javac]                 if (doctype != null)// #473490 - fix by Bj??rn
 H??hrmann 10 Oct 01

 This line in Lexer.java looks like this:
 if (doctype != null)// #473490 - fix by Bjšrn Hšhrmann 10 Oct 01

 Portage (I've checked with `ebuild jtidy-1.0.ebuild install`) and even
 direct command `ant jar` can complete this build. I'm not sure this is
 paludis defect or bad written ebuild so I will be glad for the

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