[paludis-dev] [Paludis] #1337: 'cave resolve' sometimes returns exit code 0 when it shouldn't

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Sat Jan 23 16:51:42 UTC 2016

#1337: 'cave resolve' sometimes returns exit code 0 when it shouldn't
    Reporter:  hasufell  |       Type:  defect
      Status:  new       |   Priority:  Sometime
   Milestone:            |  Component:  clients/cave
     Version:  2.4.0     |   Keywords:
  Blocked By:            |   Blocking:
Distribution:  N/A       |
 This is reproducible for me when the resolution requires user interaction
 and a downgrade is necessary. cave will show me a message like 'I cannot
 proceed without being permitted to do the following: <blahblah --permit-
 downgrade this>', but the exit code will be 0.

 This can break automated builds in e.g. docker environments which inspect
 the exit code of a command. cave may just do nothing, but there's no
 problem reported and the image silently breaks.

 Other resolutions that require user interaction may not be affected (like
 requiring configuration changes). It seems to me the behavior here is
 inconsistent and confusing. If the resolution cannot be carried out (for
 whatever reason), then it should always return a non-null exit code.

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