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#1329: Associative array and loadsaveenv
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Comment (by Vality):

 Replying to [comment:1 ciaranm]:
 > Pretty sure ebuilds aren't allowed to use associative arrays. There's a
 maximum bash version they're allowed to rely upon, and I don't think that
 version has them.

 If there is some documentation of this I would be more than happy to
 contact the author of the overlay and see if I can help them fix the
 ebuilds to not rely on this. However I couldn't find anything official
 which stated one way or the other but that may just be because I didn't
 look far enough.

 Though as an aside I would not be surprised if this were to become
 permitted in a future EAPI even if it is forbidden now. So that may be
 worth thinking about. At very least I think producing a more coherent
 error could avoid confusion in debugging ebuilds.

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