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#1328: Add a delayed checks phase
    Reporter:  moben    |       Type:  enhancement
      Status:  new      |   Priority:  Sometime
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     Version:  scm      |   Keywords:
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Distribution:  Exherbo  |
 As mentioned in http://paludis.exherbo.org/trac/ticket/704#comment:3 it
 would be nice to have a phase that is defined by exlibs and gets called
 post-source, e.g. to verify that the is used correctly.

 That allows failing early, during metadata generation, and not during
 install. Like `require` fails when exported phases are not present.

 Exlibs that could use this are for example
 http://git.exherbo.org/arbor.git/tree/exlibs/easy-multibuild.exlib#n30 and
 (I think) http://git.exherbo.org/arbor.git/tree/exlibs/scm.exlib#n367

 If multiple exlibs define this phase, they should all be called, without
 having to explicitly define a version of the phase that call them.

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