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#1307: "cave import" does not allow same version installed in multiple slots
    Reporter:  cjm    |       Type:  defect
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     Version:  1.4.2  |   Keywords:  import
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 It appears that "cave import" allows different versions of the same
 package to be installed in different slots at the same time.  But you
 can't install the same version of the same package into two different
 slots at the same time.  Attempting to do that causes the first slot to be

 I want to do this because I'm trying to use "cave import" to manage
 locally-installed Perl modules.  I want to have multiple versions of Perl
 installed using a slot for each version.  Perl XS modules must be compiled
 for a specific version of Perl, so it's common to have the same module
 version installed for each version of Perl.

 To reproduce this:

 mkdir -p /tmp/slot{1,2}/usr/src
 touch /tmp/slot1/usr/src/test1 /tmp/slot2/usr/src/test2
 cave import -x -r1 --location /tmp/slot1 testing/import 1.0 1
 cave import -x -r1 --location /tmp/slot2 testing/import 1.1 2
 ls -l /usr/src/test*

 You'll see that both test1 and test2 are installed.  But if you then do:

 cave import -x -r1 --location /tmp/slot1 testing/import 1.1 1
 ls -l /usr/src/test*

 You'll see that test2 got uninstalled, because testing/import-1.1:1
 replaces testing/import-1.1:2.  I believe that's incorrect; slots should
 be independent of each other.

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