[paludis-dev] [Paludis] #1303: Add exclude requirement in the form [.!exclude=cat/pkg]

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Sun Mar 16 16:47:38 UTC 2014

#1303: Add exclude requirement in the form [.!exclude=cat/pkg]
    Reporter:  doc.holliday  |      Owner:
        Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  new
    Priority:  Sometime      |  Milestone:
   Component:  clients/cave  |    Version:  1.4.2
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Comment (by doc.holliday):

 This is what I came up with so far, please let me know if I am on the
 right track, before I get carried away.

 QualifiedPackageName is probably not the right things to use here, as we
 might want to do things like */*[.!exclude=virtual/*] or something, for
 which we will need PackageDepSpec, right?

 But, I don't seem to be able to easily use parse_user_package_dep_spec, as
 it needs env, which is not available inside
 remove_trailing_square_bracket_if_exists. I can add it to both of them,
 but then envless_parse_package_dep_spec (which also uses
 remove_trailing_square_bracket_if_exists) is not happy.

 Is there another way to proceed here? Should I use make_dep_spec or some

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