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#1302: Segfault with --favour-matching
    Reporter:  Gothmog  |       Type:  defect
      Status:  new      |   Priority:  Sometime
   Milestone:           |  Component:  clients/cave
     Version:  1.4.2    |   Keywords:
  Blocked By:           |   Blocking:
Distribution:  N/A      |
 I'm trying to install systemd and uninstall udev. When executing
   cave resolve -z sys-apps/systemd virtual/udev --favour-matching sys-
 apps/systemd:0/1 -U sys-fs/udev -D sys-fs/udev
 I get
   Deciding: 8 stepsSegmentation fault

 I'm attaching the backtrace. If I can help with more information, please
 tell me what you need.

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