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#1283: portageq emulation for envvar not implemented - sys-apps/portage-2.2.1
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Comment (by kentnl):

 I'm not so sure about that.

 A package is imo, entitled to call functions and execute code, that that
 package also ships.

 This is what I believe portage is doing, a self-test. Which is legitimate,
 because portage provides the 'portageq' program.

 If it were any other ebuild, I'd say you had a point, because that would
 be invoking things beyond the scope of that package.

 However, when the package is portage, the lines blur.

 and its not calling 'portageq SYNC', its just 'portageq envvar SYNC'.

 Its only a problem because instead of executing the program that it was in
 the process of installing, it calls paludis instead, in essence, the
 compatibility shim paludis provides interferes with the package simply
 testing itself.

 I guess the portage ebuild **could** specialcase the `type portageq` to be
 `type -f portageq`, which I'd imagine largely avoid calling paludis if
 `portageq` was a function instead of a program.

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