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Mon Aug 5 12:00:47 UTC 2013

#1281: fix-linkage does not follow dependency chain
    Reporter:  exitheone  |       Type:  defect
      Status:  new        |   Priority:  Sometime
   Milestone:             |  Component:  clients/cave
     Version:  1.4.0      |   Keywords:  fix-linkage dependencies
  Blocked By:             |   Blocking:
Distribution:  Gentoo     |
 I noticed on a highly broken system (libpng, libjpeg and icu broken) that
 cave fix-linkage does not follow the dependency chain.

 The following situation occurred:
 app-text/gtkspell was broken because my libpng was messed up
 x11-libs/cairo was also broken because of libpng

 Now fix-linkage tried to build gtkspell first although it also depends on
 Gtkspell failed to build because cairo was broken and fix-linkage failed.
 I had to first manually resolve cairo and then run fix-linkage again so
 make it work.

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