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Tue Apr 2 03:22:26 UTC 2013

#1266: Block on package with valid OR RDEPEND
    Reporter:  admorgan      |      Owner:
        Type:  defect        |     Status:  new
    Priority:  Sometime      |  Milestone:
   Component:  clients/cave  |    Version:  0.82.0
  Resolution:                |   Keywords:
  Blocked By:                |   Blocking:
Distribution:  Gentoo        |

Comment (by admorgan):

 Ok, I am able to confirm that cave resolve is not handling slotted options
 the way I thought it would. If I change the x11-wm/enlightenment-0.17.1
 and add slot 0 as an optional slot everything works fine. It is not able
 to resolve any slot other than 0 even if the dependency is already
 installed. I do not understand the design of the system to know if this is
 intentional or not.

 Portage is able to resolve the slotted dependency. Paludis 1.2.0
 is not able to. At this time I am going to assume that the dependency did
 resolve. Is there a design document that explains how this stuff works? If
 so I will read it and try to create a patch of explain the behavior.

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