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#1242: [patch] GPG signature support for dotar
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        Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  new
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   Component:  clients/cave  |    Version:  0.74.1
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Comment (by dleverton):

 Strictly speaking this shouldn't assume that the same value of ${FETCHER}
 is OK for both the tarball and the signature.  On the other hand, having
 it separate implies having a --signature-fetch-option flag or something,
 which is possibly overdoing it a bit, and it's pretty unlikely to be
 different in practice....

 As for the race between downloading the tarball and downloading the
 signature, that's a bit unfortunate, but again I'm not sure if there's a
 reasonable alternative.  emerge-webrsync handles this by explicitly
 figuring out the date of the latest snapshot and downloading it by the
 dated name, rather than using "latest", which we could potentially do in a
 more specialised fetcher but not the generic tar one.

 If no-one has any further comments on the above, could you reattach in
 "git format-patch" format please?  It's not vital but allows the
 authorship to be recorded properly.

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