[paludis-dev] [Paludis] #1212: Logic error in dodoc regarding directories

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#1212: Logic error in dodoc regarding directories
 Reporter:  woutershep         |         Owner:
     Type:  defect             |        Status:  new
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Component:  core/paludis/util  |       Version:  0.70.2
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 Blocking:                     |  Distribution:  N/A
 When dodoc is called with a directory there is a chance that it has a

 $ mkdir empty; [[ -s empty ]];
 $ echo Exited with: $?
 Exited with: 0

 This means that the case with [[ -s ]]; is taken instead of [[ -d ]];
 and that there will be no error set.

 Attached is a patch that fixes it by moving the -d check before the -s

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