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#1263: Handle /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords
 Reporter:  L2G              |         Owner:  pioto
     Type:  enhancement      |        Status:  new
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Component:  portage2paludis  |       Version:  0.82.0
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 Portage is migrating away from /etc/portage/package.keywords in favor of
 /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords. However, it still supports both.
 From the portage(5) man page:

   If both package.accept_keywords and package.keywords are present, both
   of them will be used, and values from package.accept_keywords will
   override values from package.keywords. The package.accept_keywords file
   is intended to replace the package.keywords file, since profiles
   support a different form of package.keywords which modifies effective

 I've made a simplistic patch to portage2paludis that works like this: If
 portage2paludis finds package.accept_keywords, it will use that and ignore
 package.keywords (if it exists). If only package.keywords is found, it
 will still use that. (In other words, I ignored the problem of how to
 merge the two the way Portage does.)

 If you can use this patch, please feel free.

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