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#1186: Support the security set on exherbo
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        Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  new
    Priority:  Sometime      |  Milestone:  cave Useful Functionality
   Component:  clients/cave  |    Version:  scm
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Comment (by Apetrini):

 Despite of name, can we have something like insecurity (at least for now)
 on exherbo? In any way exherbo is going to handle "security" we will need
 an easy way to track buggy packages. I think it should be done with the
 insecurity set; "cave show insecurity" will show all buggy _installed_
 packages; "cave show insecurity*" will show all known buggy
 packages/specs. cave should extract this kind of information from
 repository_mask.conf (token = security), as zlin said.

 The use-case is to have a clean way to know what installed packages have
 security holes on your system and then act and proceed manually (for now)
 to handle/fix them one by one.
 I think this should be managed as not linked to the security set or any
 other way to perform automatic security fixes, because we cannot always
 assume there will be a solution in time(or a solution at all), so
 insecurity just tells you(hopefully as soon as possible) that there is a
 problem and then is up to you what to do about it(you can wait for the fix
 or stop the service in the meantime... you can also take the risk with low
 impact bugs). I mean... how to solve it is another problem.

 P.s. it would be great to improve token=security mask's details with some
 other kind of informations like... exploitable locally/remotely, severity,
 type(dos, privilege escalation, code execution, information leak...)

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