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#1207: Add xz support to expatch
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        Type:  enhancement            |     Status:  new
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   Component:  repositories/e/ebuild  |    Version:  0.70.1
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Distribution:  Exherbo                |

Comment (by irishespresso):

 Here is another update from the xz maintainer.  He has added the minimum
 required version feature in SCM and it will be part of the xz 5.1.x series
 of stable releases.  As I suspected, he recommended that we use the
 --robot option for easy and consistent parsing.  Unfortunately, he has not
 yet set a release date for xz 5.1, but at least the feature is now in the
 pipeline.  The maintainer said:

 The feature is now available in the git repository. It will be in
 5.1.2alpha, but I don't know when it will be released. It won't be in
 5.0.x because I won't add any new features into a stable branch.

 The info is also in xz -lvv --robot output so it should be easy to parse.
 The idea of --robot is to make parsing simple and stable across xz

 I didn't update the man page yet.

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