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#1207: Add xz support to expatch
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   Component:  repositories/e/ebuild  |    Version:  0.70.1
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Comment (by irishespresso):

 Here is upstream's response.  New features will be added, but backward
 compatibility will be maintained and the format has been stable since it
 left the alpha phase.  If you want to see the thread, xz-devel is archived
 at tukaani.org:

 It is stable in sense that new tools will always be able to decompress old
 .xz files that have been created with a stable release of XZ Utils.
 It is possible and even somewhat likely that new features will be added in
 the future which old programs won't support.

 Compare to the .zip format. It has got support for new compression methods
 and other features over the years, including LZMA support.
 When maximum portability is needed, people stick to the Deflate algorithm
 which all non-ancient .zip implementations support.

 The old .lzma format hasn't changed since it was introduced in LZMA SDK
 and also used by LZMA Utils. There were development versions of the .xz
 format that used also the .lzma suffix, but no one has claimed that those
 alpha versions would be stable. If someone has thought the development
 versions were stable, it has been a major misunderstanding.

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