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Sat Nov 5 17:43:52 UTC 2011

#1208: cave crashed during resolve with paludis::InternalError
 Reporter:  Mr. Tao                 |         Owner:
     Type:  defect                  |        Status:  new
 Priority:  Sometime                |     Milestone:
Component:  clients/cave            |       Version:  0.70.1
 Keywords:  resolve, InternalError  |    Blocked By:
 Blocking:                          |  Distribution:  Gentoo
 After few months I’ve tried to update system with `cave resolve -c
 system`. Cave crashed during resolve, so I’ve updated paludis to recent
 version. Unfortunately the result is same like before. Strangely it does
 not crash on `cave resolve -c world`.
   * In program cave resolve -c system:
   * When resolving ordering:
   * When verifying NAG edges:
   * Eek! Internal error at void paludis::resolver::NAG::verify_edges()
 const at nag.cc:160: Missing node for edge

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