[paludis-dev] [Paludis] #1164: --hide should affect resolvent selection as well

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Sun May 15 16:01:14 UTC 2011

#1164: --hide should affect resolvent selection as well
 Reporter:  dleverton     |         Owner:
     Type:  enhancement   |        Status:  new
 Priority:  Sometime      |     Milestone:
Component:  clients/cave  |       Version:  scm
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 14:24 < dleverton> ciaranm: is it intentional that --hide doesn't affect
 finding the available resolvents?
 16:45 < ciaranm> dleverton: good question. is there a benefit to making it
 16:54 < dleverton> ciaranm: it's possibly useful as a quick alternative to
 temporarily masking things, but not if it still tries to pull in the slots
                    you've hidden
 16:55 < ciaranm> dleverton: so we're just talking about hiding the
 particular id for resolvent detection, and not something cleverer to hide
                  resolvent that can contain that id, right?
 16:56 < dleverton> Yeah
 16:56 < ciaranm> feel free
 16:56 < ciaranm> also. hiding an installed thing might be interesting
 16:56 < dleverton> I wouldn't expect --hide =paludis-scm to hide all of
 paludis:0, for example
 16:56 < ciaranm> right
 16:57 < dleverton> But --hide kde-base/*:4.6 when I don't feel like doing
 the whole upgrade right now would be nice
 16:57  * ciaranm nods
 16:57 < ciaranm> yeah, i think hide would be more useful done that way

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