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Wed Nov 18 16:42:22 UTC 2009

#808: repositories can't contain symlinked files while fetching
 Reporter:  alx_me           |          Owner:        
     Type:  support-request  |         Status:  new   
 Priority:  Sometime         |      Milestone:        
Component:  clients/paludis  |        Version:  0.42.2
 Keywords:  symlink          |      Blockedby:        
 Blocking:                   |   Distribution:  Gentoo

Comment(by alx_me):

 Keyword is _server_. Not same partition. Hardlink is impossible. ebuild
 has no idea about file placing at all. it contains only URLs where tarball
 may be found. anything else handled by emerge/portage utils. the question
 is: why not? i know that symlinks are explicitly prohibited in, for
 example, FSEntry::file_size(), as i written before. for my mind its a
 simple changing that i need to get pleasure.

 what would say your PMS about symlinks in random places of any
 UNIX,GNU/Linux,BSD,...:  ls -al /usr/lib | grep -- '->' | grep /

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