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#750: Equivalent to FEATURES=installsources
    Reporter:  rkjnsn           |       Owner:        
        Type:  enhancement      |      Status:  closed
    Priority:  Sometime         |   Milestone:        
   Component:  clients/paludis  |     Version:  0.36.0
  Resolution:  wontfix          |    Keywords:        
   Blockedby:                   |    Blocking:        
Distribution:  Gentoo           |  
Changes (by empee584):

 * cc: mpartap@… (added)


 '''THX''' rkjnsn your script works very nice, symlinked it to
 /usr/share/paludis/hooks/ebuild_install_post/ and boom i had sources for
 the only package i needed this for to debug. Now it definitly needs a sane
 way to enable this on a per-package basis, because there is no way i am
 installing all the sources for all the packages on the next update. For
 now, the job's done and i'm chmodding the script -x again.

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