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Wed Sep 10 01:31:47 UTC 2008

#33: paludis::ReportTask dubs virtual/alsa (new-style) as unused
    Reporter:  Kugelfang     |       Owner:  ciaranm 
        Type:  defect        |      Status:  reopened
    Priority:  MinorRelease  |   Milestone:          
   Component:  core/paludis  |     Version:  0.30.0  
  Resolution:                |    Keywords:          
   Blockedby:                |    Blocking:          
Distribution:  Gentoo        |  

Comment(by Hypnos):

 * virtual/gnustep-back
     virtuals:                0.12.1 (for gnustep-base/gnustep-back-
 art:0::gentoo) 0.14.0 (for gnustep-base/gnustep-back-art:0::gentoo)* {:0}
     gentoo:                  0.12.1 (0.14.0)K {:0}
     VIRTUAL_FOR:             gnustep-base/gnustep-back-
     DEPEND:                  =gnustep-base/gnustep-back-
     RDEPEND:                 =gnustep-base/gnustep-back-

 Key to mask reasons:

 * K: keyword


 I have 'gnustep-{apps,base,libs}' keyword unmasked, but I do not have
 'virtual/gnustep-back ' unmasked.

 'virtual/gnustep-back-art-0.14' was indeed installed, but as you see above
 it is shown masked, so perhaps its dependencies aren't retained.  When I
 unmask 'virtual/gnustep-back' explicitly and then reinstall it manually, I
 get the correct list of unused packages.  (Conversely, when I uninstall,
 'virtual/gnustep-back', re-mask it and re-install projectcenter, I get the
 wrong list of unused packages again.)

 So perhaps the bug is, why was 'virtual/gnustep-back-art-0.14' installed
 in the first place if it was not unmasked?  This seems to behave like the
 old-style virtuals; I understand that the handling of new-style virtuals
 does deviate from GLEP 37 ...

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