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#664: repeated paragraph on getting started page
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 on http://paludis.pioto.org/overview/gettingstarted.html#manual, this
 paragraph is repeated twice:

 The names_cache = option, if set to (for example)
 /var/cache/paludis/names, can be
 used to make resolving pkg to cat/pkg much faster (a lot less than a
 second, as
 opposed to tens of seconds on typical hardware). Most users will benefit
 hugely from
 this option. However, Portage will not update or use this cache, so if for
 any reason you
 use Portage for any operation, you must then run paludis --regenerate-
 (and possibly paludis --regenerate-installable-cache if you also use
 caches for other
 repositories as described above).

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