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#582: woodhaven.pioto.org is sucking big time
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Comment(by vetienne):

 ok so the 1Go server is the only option. it has something like 1G swap (
 don't remember exactly either 512Mo or 1Go ). And you would get a root
 access to it ( via ssh key ), that's seems the only sane option. The
 kernel could be reinstalll if you think hardened could be a potential
 problem ( i have no strong feeling for it. For the moment no problem with
 it, but it was more a test to see what could be achieve ). You would have
 to take care of things, you could trust me on this ( maybe i would
 interfere a bit by adding a few sample html/php application and mysql base
 from time to time : that's how i show some of our development before
 putting it in another server for production but for the rest, most often i
 have no time to do it (web development is just a small part of our work
 :we're mainly in embedded dev ) so would be glad to give you the key to
 the server :))).

 Drop me a note ( ve at vetienne dot net ) if your interested for an access
 - even if it's only for testing (or just to see the current state of
 desaster ...).

 And yes it's normal/sane that you're looking at other options.The contrary
 will not be a good thing.  As I'm using paludis at home ( and
 investigating in using it in our embedded system when the destination will
 be finished ), it's just a way for me to eventually be useful and give
 back something. But if you found something better, go for it no problem
 for me ( will found another opportunity later )

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