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#582: woodhaven.pioto.org is sucking big time
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Changes (by vetienne):

  * distribution:  => Gentoo


 Maybe you could be interested with being hosted on one server of mine
 which has very few use, a good network connection ( 100mb symmetric ),
 located in a server farm ( so good hardware support, ... )

 I could provide a ssh account or even root account, there's still some Gb

 What would be your spec for the necessary hardware ? (have one server with
 only 256mo ram and celeron and one a little more powerfull with 1gb ram
 and intel core ). Depending on your need we could use one or the other.
 Maybe the second one will be a better choice ( i'm in a very slow
 migrating process from the first to the second one ). So for the moment it
 is only use as backup server for the company (rsync) and provide http for
 a very few and very few visited web site ( should be something as
 ridiculous as 100 pages/ day )

 As for software i'm (naturally) on a hardened gentoo. Apache 2.2 is
 already installed, mysql, postfix, bind and openvpn also. TRAC not
 installed but why not.

 I think i would prefer not to use xen but that you install your software
 on the bare system, if you don't mind.

 The server is already paid for more than one year. So there's few risk of
 instability as far as you don't hurt my data. And it will cost you
 nothing. Maybe you will provided me with hints on how to install a secure
 server that 's all i will ask to you.

 For time to time i update the software but not too often and will ask your
 confirmation before upgrading important one ( apache, mysql )

 Server seems stable ( but as i'm not really using it that not certain ).
 Hardware certainly is ( no hardware problem during the last year )



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