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#580: paludis - package developemnt support
 Reporter:  alonbl           |       Owner:  ciaranm
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Component:  clients/paludis  |     Version:  0.26.1 
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 I am trying to switch into paludis. It looks like the package lacks ebuild
 clone utility (manipulate package throughout its stages).

 As an ebuild maintainer, I need to digest packages, see if fetch stage is
 OK with every USE flag combination, review unpack step and see that all
 patches/actions accepted/generated correctly, examine dependencies after
 compile step, checkout test output, verify install before finally
 installing the package.

 I can keep using ebuild utility, but then I need to maintainer two
 separate configuration system on my system, so that USE/Keywords are

 I also aware that paludis is going to new distributions... So single
 package manipulation/development process support is important on these
 environment too.

 Maybe I got this wrong... and there is a solution.

 But people on the list suggested to use "die" in specific stages or chroot
 installation, both solutions have huge overhead comparing to a utility
 that can do single stage...

 If specific ebuild specification is not acceptable, maybe something like:
 paludis --install --stage=compile =category/package-version

 Thank you!

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