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#577: More flexible suggested support
 Reporter:  Berniyh          |       Owner:  ciaranm
     Type:  enhancement      |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  Sometime         |   Milestone:         
Component:  clients/paludis  |     Version:  0.26.0 
 Keywords:                   |    Blocking:         
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 Handling suggestions could be more flexible, if it would be possible to
 accept and ignore suggestions per package. An example:

 # Automatically install packages subversion and konsole suggested in dev-
 dev-util/kdevelop:kde-svn dev-util/subversion kde-base/konsole:kde-svn
 # Ignore the suggestion dev-util/cvs in dev-util/kdevelop:
 dev-util/kdevelop !dev-util/cvs
 # Install every suggestion in kde-base packages:
 kde-base/* *
 # But drop suggestions on kmail:
 */* !kde-base/kmail:kde-svn

 It should be possible from the user side to:
 - Automatically install every suggestion (in the example: */* *)
 - Drop every suggestion (in the example: */* -*)
 - Just show the suggestions (no rule for the suggestion in suggested.conf)
 - Do the above on a per package basis

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