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#434: --continue-on-failure breaks elog-demo-hook distributed with paludis
 Reporter:  ddanier   |       Owner:  ciaranm      
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  new          
 Priority:  Sometime  |   Milestone:               
Component:  misc      |     Version:  0.26.0_alpha3
 Keywords:            |  
 As the hook stated in its comments it should be put into the
 (un)install_fail-directory. If done so it is called when one of the
 packages in the list fails, which means during the build-process. Most
 of the time this erases the elog-temp-file and with it the information
 the elog-hook should provide _after_ paludis is finished. So log-entries
 get lost.

 I don't know if putting the script into (un)install_all_post would be
 enough in all cases (--continue-on-failure if-fetch-only?), but if this
 hooks are called afterwards (even if an package failed) case I don't see
 any reason to keep the script in (un)install_fail. Perhaps the comments
 in the script can be updated to avoid confusing new users?
 If (un)install_all_post is not called when one out of many packages
 fails it probably should be (the hook-name does not say anything about
 success of the (un)install anyway). Or some hook could be introduced to
 handle this special case.

 Tested with "--continue-on-failure if-independent", "if-satisfied" is
 untested, but should behave similar I think.

 I first posted here this here (for reference):[[BR]]

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