[Exherbo-dev] Mirror all unofficial repositories in our Gitlab?

Julian hasufell at hasufell.de
Mon May 7 11:22:00 UTC 2018

Niels Ole Salscheider:
> The idea behind this is not that we just run around and push things to any 
> repository. There should be merge requests for u-u repositories and as long as 
> the maintainer reviews them noone will have to push anything. And of course we 
> want to encourage people to be active and review MRs against their 
> repositories.
> But you know very well that there can be repositories where the owner 
> temporarily loses interest in Exherbo or his repository. This can lead to 
> situations where important fixes or even fixes for severe security 
> vulnerabilities are not pushed for a longer time.
> I think this is not good for anyone and we should have a solution for how we 
> deal with this. After all, we expect that repositories in u-u have some 
> minimum level of quality, otherwise they would not be there. And I think, here 
> response time is also a measure for quality.
> This is the only reason why I would like us to have a way to push to these 
> repositories, in case it becomes necessary - while I hope that we do not have 
> to use it.

This seems to be a theoretical problem, not a practical one. Why do you
think we have no way of dealing with it? If a repository is not
maintained, it will be removed from u-u and the packages can be adopted
by someone else (or the whole repo forked). That simple.

Do you have a problem with a specific u-u repo or maintainer? Why do you
want to "fix" it this way, instead of talking to those people or
pointing out package-specific problems?

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