[Exherbo-dev] On burying ::haskell

Rasmus Thomsen Rasmus.thomsen at protonmail.com
Sat Aug 18 20:55:17 UTC 2018


> In my view, part of our trouble is having too much rotting stuff. I
> see that ::haskell shows 517 packages here, but our users only care
> about gch, pandoc and git-annex (I also use postgrest, but we never
> packaged it and I'm not in a hurry).

Yeah, interest in ::haskell seems to be very limited from most core devs
(including me, I don't know any haskell, so I can't exactly review it). Forking
the repository to get it into a working state first and then making one (gigantic)
MR to ::haskell doesn't sound like a bad idea - unless some other core dev is
interested in bringing ::haskell up to speed?

> It's only after burying these undead that we can start rewriting
> exlibs and exheres and maybe designing a cabal repo format, all geared
> toward satisfying the user's use cases raised in this thread.

+1 for burying what's not required anymore. If someone does happen to need
one of those packages (and somehow used it until now even with ::haskell's
current state) reviving that package should be an easy task.

- Rasmus "Cogitri" Thomsen

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