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Ali Polatel alip at exherbo.org
Sat May 20 23:48:51 UTC 2017

2017-05-19 tarihinde Wulf C. Krueger yazmış:

> Hello Irvin,
> first of all, never take Ali seriously. He's a good guy but essentially
> quite insane.

He has a point. Or two. Take your pick. 

> On 05/19/17 04:50, Irvin Choi wrote:
> > is much more scalable than Gerrit,  
> That is simply wrong. There are Gerrit installations *way* bigger than
> anything using Gitlab.
> That said, if there's someone kind enough to sponsor us a Gitlab
> installation (thanks, keruspe!) I'm all for it because it doesn't really
> look like I'd have re-done our Gerrit any time soon.
> > please voice your opinion with feasible, logical reasons behind.  
> Logical reasons are rarely defeatable but,
> alas, one had better not ask them of some people;
> they reply with fervor and madness unbeatable,
> dazed then we stand, like ox in front of a steeple.
> (For you, alip! ;-) )

As promised, almost there.

Writing down to defeat logic.
	Step 1: Preparation.
	Shut down the oscillators.
	Think existence.
	Exist to think..

	Yes. There we have.
	A vicious defeat.
	Inventing in her right.
	A glorious victory.

	Und komisch geht's weiter.
	Nein. Ich will immer noch
	Darüber bedenken.
	Aufgabe: Nichts.

	You are a man.
	You are a square.
	You are a woman.
	You are a circle.

	Who am i? Who am i?
	Who am i? Who am i?
	Neither nor, either or
	Neither nor, either or

	I am an ass. I am fucked.
	I am an ass. I am fucked.
	I am an ass. I am fucked.
	i am thy God!

	Said the miserable motherfucker leaving the cabin, looking around, cautiously, eyes looking deep down, as if trying to find excuses stuck somewhere under his genitalia, rubs his ass, farts all around like a drunk teenager stuck in a dormitory's dining hall, searching for food to steal, finds rotten fish and brings it up, sells it as proper fish and gets rich for a week, smoking one pack a day, cheerful male looking mutant ape, a week later everyone died. Like in the world. Noone, no fucking human survived, don't know much about other apes, this one is one though, i do not know, should wait and see. Maybe, just maybe. There is some logic here.

	Einheit hat die einzige Logik
	In einem Park vergewaltigt.
	Jetzt, übrig geblieben ist
	Ein totes, aber dennoch
	Schreckliches Gott.

	Fuck logic. Write down.
	Write down. Fuck logic.
	Dream on. Fuck logic.
	Move beyond. Fuck logic.

	Fuck logic. You must write.
	Fuck logic. You must write.
	Fuck logic. You better dream.
	Fuck logic. You better move.

	Fuck logic. Move your bishop.
	Fuck logic. Move your knight.
	Fuck logic. Blockade. Restrict.
	Fuck logic. Anticipate. Essay.

	Fuck logic.
	Fuck god.
	Fuck me.
	Fuck for insanity.
	Fuck for humanity.
	Fuck for freedom!!
	Fuck for love!!
	Fuck for peace!
	Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

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