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Ali Polatel alip at exherbo.org
Fri May 19 07:33:22 UTC 2017

2017-05-19 tarihinde Irvin Choi yazmış:

> Alip: If you have problem with Gitlab, please propose feasible reasons why
> Gitlab is not ideal for Exherbo community instead of using this mailing list
> to vent. You are not convincing anyone, it is unprofessional, and
> counterproductive for the community.


> Instead of asking politely, this attitude you took is unacceptable:
> especially if you are the core developer of Exherbo.

I am polite as my ass now.
and there is no core, there is no developer, i am not a developer, i am a monkey.

> As for your arguments, there are people who are willing to maintain Gitlab
> outside developers. It will not take much effort to maintain a Gitlab
> instance either. In the other side of your argument, Gitlab facilitates
> users/devs to contribute as the interface is more friendly than current
> Gerrit, and is much more scalable than Gerrit, or git send-mail.

Yes. I am not against alternatives. Let me put it thoroughly now that I have a
time. You asked for it.

That said, I am against the dualism provided by teh shit of a software in my
opinion.  And fuck no, i am not being rude by swearing. People cheat and steal
and kill and bomb and rape and all being rude. Fuck me. I am not being rude for
writing. And no, that's not vent.
That's emotional
ejaculation. Not that it is a burden to maintain the shit and the added
complexity is not required in a tool that is supposed to do what git does
better. and Please do not host it at Gitlab will you?

My main point of criticism, funnily, lies in a point of sheer bilingual
dumpster. In a little dualism between method and goal. I'll come to that in a
bit. The fact that git means to go in tr makes it bit funnier in that respect,
whereby i will also prefix it with siktir and i'll fuck off in a sense out of
this technical discussion. But no, I am here to write and write shall I.

> I don't understand this part: "Do we want to look cool and rotinside? Do we
> want the nightmare^Wgentoo back?". Why does this have to do with Gitlab?
> Gitlab or not, the core of Exherbo and its philosophies will remain. Again,
> if there is problem with changes that are to come, please voice your opinion
> with feasible, logical reasons behind.

Yes. Let's make sense then. What do you find in Gitlab? What do I find in
Gitlab?  I find dystopia. Dystopia of reality. Dystopia of shit taking over
reality. Ok that's an exaggeration. Ok. I'll slow down.

Nightmare is the dualism which is my main point of criticism. git is good in
what it does and it is not clever in doing so. It is a stupid tool that gets
shit done and it is awesome in doing it. There is a known to work framework
that is fuck better functional than that browser monkey shit. Ok that's an
exaggeration. Ok. I'll slow down.

Just before reading further, are you aware we are replacing tooling with
clothing here?  And clothing makes the tooling less functional and awfully
cumbersome? I'll go swim
Laugh again? We cool?

So finally now that the murderous jungle of satan is ahead of us and in
trembling fear awating the endless burn, rape and children and hitler and
stalin playing poker with an a-bomb each in their smelly, rotten asses, with
ash, dust and mud all over smog.  Everyone is there like fishes in a fried pan
except the fact they are swimming in a urinal and god pissing on their faces.
Let me introduce. Filthy, highway gas station toilet. He has beeen pissing for
seven minutes now. He looks tired, pale and worried. A moment or two passes by.
He shakes his dick a bit up and down. Thinks of something.  Eyes staring at the
ceramic wall. Bites his lips. Bites his tongue. Inhales. Bit longer than usual.
His face starts to sweat. He can feel the hot august weather in his hairy ape
body. Trembles, awakens. Moves on to the next urinal in the corner. Looks
around.  Grins and spits inside. Looks around again, hiding like. Slowly unzips
himself.  Moves his hands towards his relatively small dick. Starts to rub it.
Accelerates.  Casually. Reckons two women in the nearby cabin. Accelerates
again. Finishes off.  Enters the cabin next door. Stands quiet. Holds breath.
Steps onto the toilet seat.  Reaches hands above. Pulls himself up a bit. Sees
the women. Looks at them.  Fails to make sense. You can't blame him. He was in
a time machine. Just moved back a lot long and then a tiny bit forth and fuck
knows where he is, because he doesn't.

Anyway, I'll go with the flow.
I'll quote: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/workflow/gitlab_flow.html#git-flow-and-its-problems
"Git flow was one of the first proposals to use git branches and it has gotten
a lot of attention. It advocates a mas er branch and a separate develop branch
as well as supporting branches for features, releases and hotfixes. The
development happens on the develop branch, moves to a release branch and is
finally merged into the master branch. Git flow is a well defined standard but
its complexity introduces two problems. The first problem is that developers
must use the develop branch and not master, master is reserved for code that is
released to production. It is a convention to call your default branch master
and to mostly branch from and merge to this. Since most tools automatically
make the master branch the default one and display that one by default it is
annoying to have to switch to another one. The second problem of git flow is
the complexity introduced by the hotfix and release branches. These branches
can be a good idea for some organizations but are overkill for the vast
majority of them. Nowadays most organizations practice continuous delivery
which means that your default branch can be deployed. This means that hotfix
and release branches can be prevented including all the ceremony they
introduce. An example of this ceremony is the merging back of release branches.
Though specialized tools do exist to solve this, they require documentation and
add complexity. Frequently developers make a mistake and for example changes
are only merged into master and not into the develop branch. The root cause of
these errors is that git flow is too complex for most of the use cases. And
doing releases doesn't automatically mean also doing hotfixes.  GitHub flow as
a simpler alternative"

This is hilarious. Note the too complex vs. simpler alternative dualism which
is the foundation of the clothing. Clothing says it'll put git in a nice bubble
and noone will need to think about it again. This is not innovation, this is
brain fascism.

But before quoting that I'll also quote,

"Since Git repositories are NOT lost, we can recreate all of the projects whose
user/group existed before the data loss, but we cannot restore any of these
projects, issues, etc."

Yes, this is why git is distributed and this is why you are doing it wrong. To
sum up, clothing moves you away from allegedly complex introducing a complex
pretending to fix the allegedly complex and we end up with a pile of shit which
(a) is by definition more complex (b) bends reality upside down with the "simpler
alternative" wording and moreover I as the "user"[1] do not get to know a fuck about the
whole complexity. Ignorance is not my bliss.

Last and least, I mean no offense to anyone Gitlab but the whole scheme of
moving distributed into a more complex system and using the "simpler alternative"
discourse as a layer of mask just sounds wrong to me. Do not governments basically turn
fascist using relatively similar means? I mean isn't this the basic method of
devaluation by means of alienation? Or am I just fucking insane?

> Regards,
> Irvin


[1] Are you aware that the particular value/function/skillset awarded to the "user"
in this context is practically void? Isn't this precisely why free software gives
you a set of fucking rights so you do not end up being a slave^W^Wvoid? Isn't this
precisely why Exherbo claims she has no fucking users?
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