[Exherbo-dev] Gerrit issues & way forward

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Fri Oct 21 14:21:19 UTC 2016


as many of you experienced, Gerrit is currently having some issues:

- Logging in will sometimes fail
- Diffs of files can't be viewed

This was/is due to updating Gerrit to a version that had severe OAUTH
issues. These have been resolved with a new version released today and
is currently in-place.

Nevertheless, some accounts have been damaged over the last few days.

Resulting issues currently affecting Gerrit:

- The contents of the user table in the database have been damaged due
to the OAUTH issues which is why for some users there are still login

- Permissions are partly broken due to that as well (which is why the
diffs don't display).

- Due to prior version updates, having had to use workarounds, the
necessity to manually (SQL) fix database issues, etc., there's a lot of
cruft and simply some issues I found when I inspected the database in-depth.

- My admin account is broken and can't be repaired (boy, have I
tried...). Every time I log in (which ironically works just fine now
using either Google or Github), a new user gets created for myself.

The problem: Due to the OAUTH stuff, changes by Google, Github and
Gerrit upstream, dependencies and some other stuff, I *cannot* downgrade
to the previous Gerrit version.

Right now, I'm tempted to start over with a new Gerrit instance because
I don't see any practicable way to fix the stuff I mentioned.

Consequences of starting over:

- Will take a day or two
- All users will have to re-do any personal settings, options, queries, etc.
- Groups will have to be re-created and re-populated
- Custom permissions will have to be re-implemented
- Clean database without migration history
- No more manual SQL interventions; if it can't be done via the API, it
won't be done
- Gerrit will run inside a Docker container


Best regards, Wulf

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