[Exherbo-dev] glibc: add compatibility symlink for x86_64 ELF loader

Marc-Antoine Perennou keruspe at exherbo.org
Fri May 13 10:41:09 UTC 2016


For now, when we want to run x86_64 binaries that have not been
compiled on exherbo, we either need to call the loader by hand or we
need to use patchelf.
It's a real pain for several usecases such as bootstrapping a compiler
(ghc, rust, icedtea...) or running third-party binaries (like the
coverity compiler for example).

If you care a little about that, please go and review
If nobody goes against it, I'll merge it next week.

The jenkins failure is because jenkins has a /lib64 symlink which is
another approach to this workaround, which would no longer be
necessary with this patch applied.
Note that /lib64 being blacklisted by exheres-0, other packages still
wouldn't be able to install to this location.


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