[Exherbo-dev] To Gerrit or not to Gerrit ...

Heiko Becker heirecka at exherbo.org
Wed Dec 21 16:33:32 UTC 2016


On 12/21/16 03:43, Kylie McClain wrote:
>> - We need Gerrit back

the good thing Gerrit brought with it, compared to Zebrapig, was IMHO
automatic testing via Jenkins. But automated testing obviously isn't
bound to using Gerrit and its particular bad UI.

>> or
>> - We need a place to help review code
> GitLab.com might be an option.

I'm not really fond of the idea of outsourcing the hosting to a third
party. While I realize that it would solve the current problem,
distributing the weight of maintaining code-review-system-x, would solve
it as well, without loosing control and bending to the rules of others.

> That said, self-hosting is an option. I was at first thinking we could
> do that, but then maintaining it on my VPS came to be a bit of a
> hassle (mostly due to them recommending nginx, and I want to use
> lighttpd...). Plus, GitLab.com is already here, it requires less set
> up or maintenance on our part, and so far they've been pretty good
> with uptime. They upgrade to the newest GitLab release on the 22nd of
> every month, they announce maintainence periods, and overall I think
> it's better than something like GitHub for the fact that it's
> open-source and we aren't as locked in to one vendor as we would be if
> we used them.

When I read the above and system requirements and combine it with own
experience as well, I wonder what all that complexity, error surface and
resource hunger adds, which is actually beneficial?

They sure do *look* fancy, but IMHO that doesn't translate into ease of
use. In the end, all I want are easy ways to put up a patch for review
and to view patches from others. git format-patch | wgetpaste or git
send-email, and applying them locally is easy and spectacularly
inexpensive, compared to all those fancy web apps.


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