[Exherbo-dev] To Gerrit or not to Gerrit ...

Kylie McClain kylie at somasis.com
Wed Dec 21 02:43:47 UTC 2016

On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 2:03 PM,  <kim at khh.dk> wrote:
> Hi,
> Wulf: I am not trying to step on your work, let me know if you think it
> should be done otherwise
> We are currently in the situation that the main place for our code reviews
> is gone which is unfortunate.  I would like to put in some work to change
> that, preferably in a way where multiple "sys-admin" Exherbo developers can
> help each other maintain it.
> Since Gerrit is not the easiest piece of software to setup/maintain and
> since I personally do not prefer the Gerrit workflow (making it as hard as
> possible to work on a branch of commits and creating a tendency for devs to
> create large commits to make it easier for the review process) I would like
> to ask if you think:
> - We need Gerrit back
> or
> - We need a place to help review code

GitLab.com might be an option.

- We put maintenance of code review infrastructure on another group
- Open-source (MIT/expat license), so we can self-host if we want to
- Has a lot of integration plugins already implemented; Jenkins, Irker...
- Has two-way mirroring like Gerrit
- Allows for three different merge request workflows (merge commits
vs. rebasing); this is useful for how Paludis' repo is maintained
since merge commits are common on it, but our repos use rebasing
- Has options for only letting merge requests be merged if they pass tests
- Repositories, issues, etc. can be exported if we ever want to self-host
- Has many login options: GitHub, Google, Twitter, BitBucket

- We put maintenance of code review infrastructure on another group,
so if they go down for a bit, we lose code review functionality
- CLI clients are a little lacking (however
https://github.com/numa08/git-gitlab looks promising imo)
- You could argue that the public instance (GitLab.com) is a little
slow in terms of response speed at times.

That said, self-hosting is an option. I was at first thinking we could
do that, but then maintaining it on my VPS came to be a bit of a
hassle (mostly due to them recommending nginx, and I want to use
lighttpd...). Plus, GitLab.com is already here, it requires less set
up or maintenance on our part, and so far they've been pretty good
with uptime. They upgrade to the newest GitLab release on the 22nd of
every month, they announce maintainence periods, and overall I think
it's better than something like GitHub for the fact that it's
open-source and we aren't as locked in to one vendor as we would be if
we used them.

Thoughts? In the mean time I created a group on GitLab.com at
https://gitlab.com/exherbo so we can test it a little if desired; just
ask me to add you to the group if you want to.

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