[Exherbo-dev] Set CMake build type as build_option

Bernd Steinhauser exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de
Thu Apr 21 16:15:17 UTC 2016

On 20/04/16 13:32, Bo Ørsted Andresen wrote:
> The debug option that we currently have should never be used
> without a local option description stating what it does for this particular
> package. CMake's handling of this does not really change that.
That's a good point. We don't really have rules about what a "debug" build is 
and I'm not sure if something like that can be defined.

Since debug builds are mostly useful for reporting / investigating bugs, the 
question is if that is up to us to decide.
In the end, it should be the developers decision how a debug build is done?

What the implications of such an approach would be? I'm not sure about that.

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