[Exherbo-dev] System set proposal

Thomas Anderson tanderson at caltech.edu
Fri Apr 1 20:59:00 UTC 2016

    There appears to be some kinks to work out in the upgrade path,
before we deprecate bash and gcc for good. Of course, I agree that this
is needed. I installed zebrapig, and then removed app-shells/bash and
sys-devel/gcc; they are large packages and if they are no longer needed
I'd like my disk space back.

Strangely, I am no longer to either start new terminals nor compile
code. Can you help me track down the problem (I'm sure it is in
zebrapig) ? Is this upgrade path still in alpha stage?

My first guess is that the following shebang causes problems when using
zebrapig as the shell:


Could zebrapig be entering an infinite loop? I don't have a theory for
why I can no longer compile code. :/

Please help!


On 04/01/2016 01:49 PM, Kylie McClain wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'd like to propose that we add app-misc/zebrapig::bikeshed to the system set.
> zebrapig is an integral part of the system, and if I'm not mistaken,
> systemd actually
> requires it for booting. Adding this will hopefully allow for us to
> cut down on the
> size of an Exherbo system, since it should be able to replace more common and
> larger programs, such as app-shells/bash and sys-devel/gcc; zebrapig is to be
> considered more desirable to bash and gcc, because it provides only what the
> user will really use.
> Discuss.
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