[Exherbo-dev] Getting rid of the bin/sbin split

Vasiliy Tolstov v.tolstov at selfip.ru
Tue Mar 10 05:41:11 UTC 2015

2015-03-10 1:00 GMT+03:00 Marc-Antoine Perennou <keruspe at exherbo.org>:
> Adding to this list the fact that:
> -- there's not a lot of things in sbin anyway
> -- sbin contains binaries usefull for normal users (think "ip a s" or
> "fdisk -l")
> -- tools evolve, gain new features, not all of them require high capabilities

Yes, i'm agree with merging /bin and /sbin.
Now i need to add /sbin /usr/sbin to $PATH to use ip a s and other tools

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