[Exherbo-dev] Add debian to REMOTE_IDS

Bernhard Frauendienst exherbo at nospam.obeliks.de
Sat Jun 13 12:13:34 UTC 2015

Hi everybody,

I propose to add debian to the list of remote databases (REMOTE_IDS).

This could be useful for clients that use the debian-maintained
information to do further processing. The project I'm having in mind
here is exherbo-pkg[1], which uses the debian watch file to find new
package versions.
While this is already possible for many packages which have the same
name on exherbo and debian, there are a number of packages which
currently don't satisfy this requirement. Adding a debian REMOTE_ID for
those packages would allow the tool to work with them as well.

If this proposal is accepted, debian.exlib should probably patched to
provide the remote id automatically.

What do you think?

Best Regards

[1] https://galileo.mailstation.de/pkg/exherbo-pkg.xml

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