[Exherbo-dev] Install systemd units unconditionally

A Frederick Christensen fauxmight at nosocomia.com
Sun Jun 7 21:20:51 UTC 2015

On Jun 7, 2015, Bernd Steinhauser <exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de> wrote:
>On 07/06/15 17:04, Wulf C. Krueger wrote:
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>> Hello,
>> I'd like to suggest installing systemd units unconditionally. At the
>> moment, the "systemd" option is mostly used to install them.
>> Sometimes, though, e. g. in PHP, it means something completely
>> different. In other cases, it's used to break cyclic dependencies and
>> in yet other cases, it's actually used to disable systemd
>> It's a mess.
>> If we just install systemd units unconditionally...
>> - - we can use the "systemd" option to just mean "systemd
>> (and a handful of cyclic dep breakers),
>> - - we don't hurt anyone - they're tiny text files,
>> - - we reduce confusion (e. g. PHP usually should have the systemd
>> option *disabled*),
>> - - we get rid of an option that's purely for runtime configuration,
>> - - we reduce the options clutter,
>> Plus: The systemd option defaults to on anyway so unless someone
>> globally sets "-systemd" (fool!) the units are installed anyway.
>> Please do respond even if it's just +1. Knowing you lazy bastards
>> though, I'll just do this - unless there's violent opposition - in
>> about a week from now.
>I'm for it, but maybe we could also just make them parts: systemd-unit?
>That way people who are nit picky could still opt out.
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I am no longer a contributor, so my vote doesn't matter, but I completely agree regarding the parts: compromise.

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